Cut-out – Installation

In the module Soft Architecture, which started in Pula, Croatia we visited abandoned military installations and came across the canal space. In the context of the module, we dealt with impulses that are evoked in us by the environment or objects. One such indicator for us was the canal in space. In order to strengthen its presence, we had the various needs to remove the dirt in the canal, to fill the canal at ground level with other rubbish from the environment or to accentuate it with colour.

What gives us space? Do we shape it? Or does it shape us? Do we adapt to it or do we develop it? Cutout is what space provides and what it guides us towards. In the constant process, cutout symbolises transience, inspiration and further development.

In the second part, the idea from Pula was adapted to the environment of the ZHdK. We choose the characteristics of the architecture, as well as the cultural structures of the building. The staircase in the tower establishes a connection to the canal in Pula through it’s form, it’s cutout, and function. A place that is usually used as a transfer was giving a new meaning by placing our 3D objects into the digital space. Our AR experience through this staircase offered space to play and for curiosity. There was an attempt to move the objects around, to place them differently and to shape them themselves. People bent themselves to experience the space, corners and edges were made visible. Suddenly you adapted to the space and through the virtual experience you could discover something new.

with Elena De Carlo, Réjane Schrago, Nadia Westermann
Mentored by Roman Kirschner and Karmen Franinovic