Pump Fiction

The focus of our work was to dive into the world of alternative controllers in a playful way. What is an alternative controller that is still intuitive? How can we transform an everyday object into a controller?

In our work, we used a pump as a controller and connected it to a digital space. We explored how the mechanical movement of pumping can be connected to that of the human body. By pumping, the body on the screen starts to deform. The pump retains its original function, but is used for an activity that would not be physically possible.

Our installation is an interplay between two people, one pumping and the other being pumped up. Through the motion capture of a camera (body tracking), the installation encourages people to move and observe themselves and their relationship to body and space.

The digitally generated extension of the body makes the participants question the role of their body, in relation to the perception of their surroundings. Through mutual interaction and dependence, the theme of self-perception and the perception of others is also triggered. Despite the serious themes, the installation has a very playful aspect and invites an active shadow play.

with Johannes Reck, Laura Schwarz, Delia Gregori
Mentored by Verena Ziegler, Florian Faller