Wind is one of the most important natural phenomena on earth. It is essential for the circulation in the atmosphere and in the sea, and determines the weather. Wind is also a renewable energy source. Furthermore, wind is a constant carrier of data and information, which are transported and relocated by wind.  What if wind is used consciously as a data carrier to promote biodiversity in the city? And what if this transmission of data is sourced by wind energy?

Seedr is a product that tackles urban biodiversity and community building. It empowers inhabitants of urban areas to become guerilla gardeners of the city. It‘s a multidimensional product that empowers people in the city to plant the city with plants that are essential, especially for bees and butterflies, and to become part of a community that includes the city’s regressing nature back into the city seed by seed.

Product Design, Mobile User Interface
with Thore Reigber, Johannes Reck and Bamna Dadashzadeh